To the MAX

This is Max. Don't let his adorable face fool you. This little boy is 100% 2 year old trouble.

Max came into my life on a sunny September morning. His birth was about as calm as they come (for an unmedicated birth that is). Zach went to class post delivery as it was actually his first day of business school. And I was happy for him to go. After Noelle was born, I felt as though I had been flattened by a semi-truck. But after Max was born, I felt like a million bucks. In fact, I was home a mere 4 hours after delivery.

His easy arrival was a metaphor for his easy personality. Max was a calm and happy baby. That is, until he was 13 months old. At exactly this age, my sweet little baby morphed into a hanging-from-the-chandelier-kind-of-crazy-BOY. I used to wonder when he would turn back into his sweet self. I don't wonder anymore.

Max is a loving boy with a heart of gold; but he is also the kid who scales all furniture, floods the bathrooms, makes anxiety-inducing messes, and torments his sisters. He is cheeky and brave and loud (except when he's doing particularly naughty things) and oh so smart.

Max loves cereal and milk and he eats at least two bowls for breakfast. He has a special blankie lovingly crocheted by Nana and a snuggly kitty from Aunt Shelagh. Max's favourite things revolve mostly around what Noelle is interested in; but he is beginning to come into his own. He loves to colour, to play basketball with Daddy, and Thomas.

One of the aspects of photography that is most appealing to me is the opportunity it allows me to capture these current loves of my children as well as their daily antics. My new "Favourite Things" Sessions are the perfect way to document your children with their current favourite things throughout the years. To book your "Favourite Things" session in Victoria, please Contact Me.

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