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My name is Sarah and I am the face you will see peeking at you from behind my long 70-200mm lens. To start, I thought I'd fill you in on.... well... me.

1. Full Name:

Sarah Jane Jenkins

2. Three Fears:

I am afraid of animals (pretty much all animals ever, but I will quell my fears if you bring your dog to your family session - promise), swimming in the deep ocean, and when Max is being too quiet.

3. Three Things I Love:

I love my kids, my husband and my camera! That was too easy...

4. My Favourite Holiday:

Christmas is by far my favourite holiday. I love that it incorporates my religion and involves teaching my children positive values. I love that it is about celebrating family, love, and chocolate. Christmas for us is a wonderful holiday of familial traditions: turkey dinner, scripture reading, gingerbread houses, and playing games together.

5. My Favourite Song:

Would you believe me if I said it was "Photograph" by Ed Sheeran? Well, you should because it is. Seriously.

6. A Confession:

In High School, after my first gym class, I accidentally walked into the boys' change room instead of the girls'. I was quickly rescued by some tenth graders, but it was mortifying!

7. Something I am Passionate About:

The obvious things such as preserving memories, family, photography, and art all come to mind. Beyond those, I'd say I'm pretty passionate about naps. Yes, napping is a passion of mine.

8. Three Weird Things I Like:

a. Popcorn Flavoured Jelly Bellies

b. Dad Jokes

c. Folding Baby Laundry

9. My Family:

I grew up in Central Saanich with my parents and older sister Leslie. In May 2009, my sweatheart, Zach and I got married in American Fork, Utah. On the precipus of our oldest's birth, we decided on a whim to move to Canada (back for me). So here we are back on Vancouver Island with three kids: Noelle (4), Max (2), and Adelaide (6 months). We love it here and are truly blessed to be able to raise our children in such a spectacular place.

10. My Education:

I have a Bachelor of Art (University of Victoria/Brigham Young University) in English. I am a self-taught lifelong photography student. I am constantly honing and developing my photography, editing, and artistic skills and knowledge as I work in this industry.

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