When you start a 365 day photo project, you are filled with ideas and notions of an entire year documented and how great and glorious it will be. By about day 4, all notions are out the window and it's down to real life. But, this year, I am building a portfolio of work to submit to some judging platforms and when I get lazy in my work, it shows. My portfolio also needs to be 150 unique images in my style so that means I have a lot of work to do. Especially when my beloved style is rich toned baby and child portraiture (not documentary which needs a little less preparation and planning). So, here are the first 15 days of my 365:

Please note that this is not what our everyday looks like. But, these pictures are true to us in other ways. We don't always dress according to colour theory or have coifed hair. Noelle doesn't often lay in the midst of my houseplants, but she does look at me stoically; Nora doesn't usually bathe in a old basin on the kitchen table, but she does love baths and they do fill her little face up with joy and light.

Who's game to start a 365 day project? It's super fun!

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