cherry blossom


When Spring is finally in the air, I feel like I can breath again!  And when the trees puff up like cotton candy, it just thrills my soul.  This year, I am offering a very special EXCLUSIVE family Mini Session in the Cherry Blossoms.  They are coming Mid March.

In all honesty, I generally feel like I suck at this mom-gig (you'd think I'd know what I'm doing with four kids!), but I find that when we are able to focus on fun, family activities (especially ones with photographic evidence), the good outweighs the bad.  We all hold onto the moments of joy, the laughs, the silliness and let go of the times when we have fallen short.  These minis sessions have a much longer life-span than 30 minutes.  Let me help you to create memories of happiness to last a lifetime.

the details

Cherry Blossom Mini Sessions are held in March in Deep Cove, BC.  The sessions are 30 minutes long and the sitting fee is $30 (due at booking).  All digital images and Printed products are

available to purchase from your gallery of images following the session at special Mini Session Pricing.  The Digital Galleries are available at two price points: 5 digital photographs for $100 or the entire gallery for $250.

how to book?

You can book your Spring Family Mini Session online in March.  Make sure you are on the email list to get notice on when the booking is open.  Once open for booking, it couldn't be easier, just select your preferred time and follow the prompts to book your session!  A $30 booking fee is due at booking to secure your spot.