what is it?

Sarah Jane Studio offers at home sessions to document your family in your home.  One of my favourite reasons to select an at home session is because it takes all the pressure off: these sessions can happen anytime there is daylight, regardless of the weather.  And, they are done IN YOUR OWN HOME which is instantly easier for babies and kids.  They feel comfortable, and at ease in their own space, and hairbrushes, extra clothes, and snacks are widely available should they be needed.  The resulting photographs are sentimental and tell your own personal stories.  The only downside (there is always one, right?), is that you need to clean your house before I come! 

how much?

For At Home sessions, there is a basic session fee of $250.  For upgrades and details, see the pricing guide.

how to book?

The earlier the booking, the better!  To book an at home family  session, please contact Sarah with your date preference and the session type you are interested in.  Sarah will get in touch with current availability. At Home Family sessions are generally available midday Saturdays.

more info

I'd love to help you plan and prepare for your family photography needs.  Please see below for a library of helpful information for your at home photography needs.