Photography isn't my great love.

And maybe I shouldn't start with that kind of declaration, but I will because it's important.  It's important for you to understand that I didn't grow up with a burning desire in my heart to spend hours behind a lens or in the darkroom (yes, I am THAT old). And now, there are definitely things I'd rather be doing than editing wedding images all night long. 

Photography is a medium.  It is a way for me to honour and serve the passion I do feel in my soul (even when that passion and medium keeps me up all night editing).  

It's not art, but it is beautiful

My true passion is simple.  It is people.  People feel; people belong; people triumph.  And my soul hungers after a need to show people, to show you, how special, beautiful, connected, and magnificent you are.  From newborns babies, to grandmothers, people are gifts and the opportunity to stop time for a moment and preserve it eternally is a magical blessing to me.


- Our Story -

The photography and service I provide give so much more than the 999 photos you have stored on your iphone.  To the child who feels small and unsure - let me show you that you belong, you are loved.  To the mother who feels invisible and tired - let me show you that you are seen, you are beautiful.  To the grandmother who feels forgotten and out of place - let me show you that you are remembered, you are honoured.  

At Sarah Jane Studio, it is my mission to give you more than just a photo.  You've got lots of those.

What can I do for you?

I approach my photography across the board with insight, authenticity, and a compass for beauty.  I will work with you and your loved ones to feel natural, comfortable, and beautiful in front of my lens.  I will work to provide photographs full of authentic emotions, connection, and truth.  Through gentle guidance and relaxed posing instructions, I will direct you to flattering and pleasing images without looking stiff or uncomfortable.  

get to know Sarah

Q- Full Name:

A- Sarah Jane Jenkins - hence the name Sarah Jane Studio.  Thanks Mom and Dad for giving me the most common name ever.

Q- Three Fears:

A- Swimming in the deep ocean, when Max is being too quiet, and animals.... pretty much all animals, but I'll especially make note of chickens (I am NOT afraid of your dog.... unless I'm alone in a dark alley and he's growling at me, promise!  Bring him along if you'd like).  

Q- Three Loves:

A- Too easy!  I love my kids, my husband, and my Magnolia!

Q- Favourite Holiday:

A - Oooo! Another easy one!  I love Christmas!  I love that it incorporates my religion, and involves teaching my children positive values.  I love that it is about celebrating family, love, & chocolate.  Christmas for us is a wonderful holiday of familial traditions: turkey dinner, scripture reading, baking, and playing games together.

Q- Favourite Song:

A- Would you believe me if I said it was "Photograph" by Ed Sheeran?  Well you should because it is.  Seriously.

Q- A Confession:

A- After my first ever high school PE class, I accidentally walked into the boys' change room instead of the girls'.  I was rescued by some 10th graders before I was even past the doorway, but still it was mortifying.

Q- Something I am Passionate about:

A- I am passionate about people (see above), photography (obviously), family, and my religion.  I love to throw birthday parties and to eat delicious food.  I love to create thing (knitting, painting, glue-gunning, and to dream of one day running a farm with my husband.   Beyond that, I'd say I'm pretty passionate about napping.

Q- Three Weird Things I Like:

A- 1. Popcorn flavoured Jelly Beans

     2. Dad Jokes

     3. Justin Bieber's song "Love Yourself" (it's catchy, I can't help it....)

Q- My Family:

A- I grew up in Central Saanich with my parents and older sister, Leslie.  In May, 2009, I married my sweetheart, Zach, in American Fork, Utah.  On the precipice of our first daughter's birth, we decided to move to Canada on a whim (back for me).  And, after several years and beautiful memories on the island with our four children, we moved to Regina SK and there had our fifth (baby girl) and started homeschool there as well.

Q- My Education:

A- I hold a Bachelor of Art degree (University of Victoria/ Brigham Young University) in English Literature.  I am a self-taught, lifelong photography student.  I am constantly honing and developing my photography skills, style, and knowledge as I immerse myself in this industry and study through some amazing teachers at workshops all over the world.


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top images courtesy of Jessica Johnson